Back to School

From Preschool to University - We have a bag for you!

Back to School means new beginnings; it is for sure a feeling that we all had where we felt the excitement, the jitters, and the joy. The age did not matter, or the upbringing, the feelings were the same.

This year, we are looking forward to be a part of your Back To School journey, be part of the feeling. 

Introducing our "new" and "all time favorites" backpacks that can be a part of the your journey. 

Kids Backpacks, a.k.a. "My First Backpack"

Our kids' backpacks are as cool as backpacks can ever get. With our variety of styles from dinosaur to unicorn, from cozy panda to furry fox, your little ones can wear their spirit animal everywhere you go- and so can you!

Perfect for kids ages 3-6 and is perfect for kindergarteners.

Backpacks for anyone over 7+ years old

These fun hooded backpacks are multi-functional, durable, and designed with kids in mind. 

Choose from our selection of grey or black basics with bright hood linings, vibrant print basics or lighter weight KOOL Classics. 

Puffer Backpack