Clothing, by definition, is an item or fabric, usually sewn together to cover part of the human body to protect it from damage to it.

 Accessory is an item used to add, in a secondary manner, to an individual's outfit (clothing). Both can be equally important in expressing the wearer's style and individuality. Both can serve as status symbols and help one project a certain image. Both can be sustainable.

 How? By fabrics and production methods used of course, and also by multi-functionality.

Accessories that can be used for different purposes in different social settings or weather conditions are great examples.
Our signature product, hooded backpacks for instance... In the colder months, you can use the hood to protect yourself from the cold, the wind and even rain. In the summer, you can unzip the hood and use it as a regular backpack.
Or our capes... You can use it as a winter coat, or simply a blanket to take to your kids' sports practice or your outdoor movie night.
Not only does this type of multi-functionality makes our products unique and attention-grabbing, they also help us get one step closer to sustainability by creating less waste, using less energy and needing less packaging.
We hope you can be a part of our journey...